The Cresswell Families of Derbyshire

A Brief Insight

The Cresswell’s are a very large group of families, very common in Derbyshire.  My Cresswell ancestors are on my maternal side, my grandmother being Lily Cresswell, born 1st September 1906, one of  eleven children born to John William Cresswell and Martha Annie Strange.  John William Cresswell was born on the 24th January 1874 at Denby, Derbyshire. He married Martha Annie Strange on the 8th September 1896. John died on the 11th January 1943.  His parents were Thomas Cresswell and Sarah Ann Brown, who were married at Denby on the 7th December 1872. Thomas and Sarah had 13 children. Thomas was one of at least seven children born to Stephen Cresswell and Hannah Woollands. Thomas died on the 17th July 1936.  Stephen Cresswell, born circa 1822, the only child I know of at this time who were born to Emmanuel Cresswell and possibly Sarah Martin, I am unsure of mother yet.  Stephen married Hannah Woollands at Denby on the 7th October 1847 at Denby, just a few weeks before the birth of their first child Thomas.  Stephen died 30th May 1907, his wife Hannah died 2nd July 1912.  Emmanuel Cresswell was born circa 1798, one of at least three children born to George Cresswell and Abigail Redfern.  George Cresswell married Abigail Redfern at Denby on the 11th February 1793.  George was born circa 1756, His wife was born circa 1772.  Abigail died on the 25th September 1801, and is buried at Denby.  George Cresswell died on the 13th September 1844 and was buried at Denby 2 days  later.