The Moody Families of Lincolnshire

A Brief Insight

I have travelled back to 1813 with my Moody forebears. George Moody, born circa 1813 at Croft, Lincolnshire.  George married a woman by the name of Mary Ann (surname unknown), a launderess.  They were to live in and around Croft, with a couple of brief spells in the Spilsby Union Workhouse.

 George and Mary Ann had at least seven children, one of whom, Joseph, was my great great grandfather.

 Joseph met and married Rhoda Maidens, circa 1868, they had about six children, one of these children being George Moody, my great grandfather.  George was born at Croft, and he later married Lottie Hawkins.  Lottie was the daughter of a young couple who came up from Bedfordshire.

 George and Lottie lived for most of their lives at either Wainfleet or Skegness, spending the first few years at Wainfleet.  George Moody was a bricklayer, working in Skegness. Lottie was considered to be the "Grandma" of the cartoonist Giles fame.  It was said that he saw her on a visit to Skegness, when she worked at the entrance to the pier, and he based his cartoon character upon her.  This snippet of information was given to me by Mr Paul Hezzel-Moody of Gloucester.