The Morley Families of Nottinghamshire

A Brief Insight

The Morley family are my maternal ancestors, my mother being Sheila Morley before her marriage to Thomas Pacey.  I have traced the Morley's back to circa 1700, during most of those years, they come from Sutton in Ashfield.  My grandfather was Joseph William Morley, born at Sutton in 1906, one of six children, the son of Joseph William Morley and Elizabeth Ann Hill.  One of the founder members of Sutton Cycling Club. Joseph married Lily Cresswell in 1929.  Joseph's father was born on the 8th September 1874, one of at least six children born to Francis Morley and Ann Webster.  Joseph Morley Snr married Elizabeth Ann Hill in 1896.  Francis Morley, my great great grandfather was born 7th August 1834 the son of Jeremiah Morley and Ann Coleman,

Francis married Ann Webster on the 12th November 1856, at Sutton in Ashfield. Francis and Ann died circa 1890.  Jeremiah Morley was born 6th May 1802, the son of George Morley and Ann Hainsworth, one of at least 8 children.  Jeremiah married Ann Coleman at Sutton in Ashfield on the 16th March 1827.  George Morley, born circa 1760, one of at least seven children born to George Morley and Elizabeth Kerry.  George married Ann Hainsworth at Mansfield on the 20th October 1783.  George Morley Senior was born circa 1732 at Sutton in Ashfield, one of at least ten children born to James Morley and Mary. George married Elizabeth Kerry on the 19th April 1756 at Sutton in Ashfield. 

I have information from a family Bible, passed down to me from my Maternal Grandfather Joseph William Morley (1906 - 1989) that James Morley was born at Sutton in Ashfield in 1706, son of John Morley and Margaret Ouldfield, who were married at Sutton in Ashfield on 13th November 1699. I have been unable to find confirmation of the christening date for James Morley of 4th May 1706 from any other source so far.

In December 2007, Jeffery Orford Perkins sent me a file that also confirmed this christening date. Jeffrey also suggested that James Morley married Mary Leggatt at Chesterfield, but I have no confirmation of this.