The Pacey Families of Lincolnshire

The Pacey Surname

The English surname Pacey is of locative origin, belonging to that category of surnames derived from the place where the original bearer once lived or held land. In this instance, the surname Pacey can be traced to Pacy-sur-Eure located in Eure or Pace near Alencon, both in Normandy, France. It is derived from the Roman-Gallo personal name Pacius and the local suffix "acium". Thus the surname signifies "a local of Pacy-sur-Eure". The name was introduced into England during the Norman Conquest of 1066. A certain civic pride was attached to this practice of adopting one’s place name as one’s form of identity, particularly when a person left a locality.  The earliest written reference to the surname Pacey and its variants Pacy, Pace Passey and Passy dates back to the twelfth century. One Robert de Peissi is recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Nottinghamshire in 1158 and Robert de Pacy appears in the Curia Regis Rolls of Warwickshire in 1214. Hugh Pacy is listed in the Hundred Rolls of Nottinghamshire in 1273 and Robert de Pascy is listed in the Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire in the same year. Alexander Pacye is registered as a student at Oxford University in 1564. Edward Spendlowe and Elizabeth Pace obtained a marriage licence in London in 1583. Richard, the son of Valentine Passie was baptised in St. James’, Clerkenwell in 1635. Edward Pacey, of Helpingham is recorded in the Judicial Court proceedings of Lincolnshire in July 1678 and Joseph Pacey is mentioned in the same records for Nottinghamshire in 1752. William Blain married Mary Passey in St. George’s Church, Hanover Square in 1798.

A Brief Insight  

My Pacey ancestors are mainly from Lincolnshire,  My 5* great grandfather was a man  by the name of Thomas Pacey.  It is my belief that Thomas was born at Horncastle in Lincolnshire in 1757,   I have a baptism record for one Thomas Pacey, born to Robert and Mary Pacey at Horncastle on the 14th January 1757.  Thomas married twice, his first wife, Elizabeth Beeson died in 1784, a few months after their marriage. Thomas married Ann Sharp at Ancaster, Lincolnshire on the 24th March 1788.  Ann was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Sharp of Ancaster. They had at least five children, the eldest of which, John, was my 4* great grandfather.  John married Mary Atkinson at Harston, Leicestershire, on the 25th November 1816.  Mary was the daughter of Edward and Ann Atkinson of Harston. They were to spend most of their lives at Little Bytham, and latterly at Edenham.  John and Ann had at least seven children. The fifth child, George was my 3* great grandfather, born at Little Bytham in 1830. George married Elizabeth Wilson at Dunsby on the 18th December 1851, they made their home at Edenham for a couple of years before moving to Hemswell. It was at Hemswell where my 2* great grandfather was born.  Robert Bonner was the third child of George and Elizabeth, and was born in 1857.  They were to have at least nine children.  Robert Bonner married Matilda Burton, a widowed woman who was his housekeeper in 1881.  One of their children, Arthur was my great grandfather. Arthur married Alice Gertrude Moody at Gainsborough in 1902, they were to have at least eight children, the first of which, Albert was my grandfather.  Albert married my grandmother, Ruth Moody, from Wainfleet in 1925. They spent most of their lives living in Skegness,  Grandfather working for the local council, latterly on the seafront waterway. Albert died in June 1962, Ruth died in December 1972.